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Aston Martin DB10 edición James Bond


Aston Martin DB10 edición James Bond.

Sólo 150 unidades disponibles alrededor del mundo.

El DB10 es de hecho un ligero preview de la siguiente generación del V8 Vantage del 2017

Similar en proporciones al V8 Vantage.
El diseño del DB10 estuvo liderado por Marek Reichmand, chief creative officer de Aston Martin y el director de la película: Sam Mendes.

Acá el Q & A cortesía de Auto Express Co.UK

Q&A: Aston Martin's boss, Andy Palmer, talks Bond

Auto Express caught up with Aston Martin’s new CEO at the Bond in Motion exhibition in London’s West End, just hours after the DB10 had been revealed to the world at the Spectre movie launch.

Q: How important is the relationship with James Bond to Aston Martin?

A: “Heritage is important – when you get to the nub of what a brand stands for, you’re buying into something you trust, that has a degree of longevity and that you know. Aston Martin has 101 years, but we also have 50 years of perfectly describing what Aston stands for as part of Bond.”


La evolución de Aston Martin- James Bond
Q: What ties the two together?

A: “Bond is always extraordinarily good looking, well educated, well mannered, well dressed, a little bit naughty, just like Aston Martin – there’s that cheekiness in there that’s exemplified by our V12 engine with the noise and the driving manner. If you think about it, Bond has moved on from the days of pulling out a wire [from a watch], and Q is no longer an old guy – he’s a modern geek if you like – I think that’s relevant to the car brand as well.”

Q: What does the DB10 tell us about future Aston Martins?

A: “It previews a design language. We don’t have a car that’s looking like exactly that, but it most certainly talks to the design of a future generation of cars.”

Q: Will we be able to buy a DB10?

A: “The DB10 itself is unique and there’ll be 10 of them and eight will be used in the movie. We won’t be making more or selling any – we’ll be strong on that.”

Q: Are we into double figures for DB model names, then?

A: “We won’t be calling the DB9 a DB10, that’s for sure, but it does sound like that.”

Q: What’s your favourite Bond car?

A: “It’s got to be the DB5.”

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