martes, 4 de octubre de 2016

UFO. Blu-Ray en nueva restauración HD


UFO, the complete series tendrá lanzamiento nuevamente, pero ahora en formato Blu-Ray HD, cortesía de Network Distributing.


Presentará los 26 episodios y estará disponible el 14 de noviembre de este año a un costo de RRP £89.99

 Se puede ordenar desde ahora en la tienda de Gerry Anderson.

Los especiales de la edición son:

From Earth to the Moon – a brand new feature-length documentary with interviews, archive video, audio and stills – many of which have never been seen or heard before.
The Women of UFO– new documentary discussing the improving sexual equality depicted in UFO and the role of science fiction in striving for that change
Identified: SHADO New Recruits Briefing – a newly created SHADO briefing film narrated by Matt Zimmerman
Exclusive 600 page book on the making of UFO by archive television historian Andrew Pixley
Dolby 5.1 audio mix as well as existing as-transmitted mono audio
Film material, including textless episode title backgrounds, textless end titles, stock footage, TV spots, extra footage for Identified and Exposed, unused footage from Timelash and The Long Sleep, Italian trailers
Audio commentaries: Identified with Gerry Anderson and Sub-Smash with Ed Bishop
S.I.D. Computer Voice Session and audio outtakes for these sessions and Kill Straker!
Archive Ed Bishop audio interview from 1986
Tomorrow Today: Future Fashions with Sylvia Anderson
Extensive image galleries – including previously unseen images

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